Sunday, February 7, 2016


Out Of The Dark Movie Review

An American family (Julia Stiles of The Omen and Scott Speedman of Underworld fame) moves to Columbia to take over the family business, but when they arrive they discover something very unusual about the house they live in, and the town in general. This movie starts out promising, as the opening sequence is suspenseful and even a little frightening, but once Speedman and Stiles show up, it tanks. I am not of fan of Speedman or Stiles, but I don't have a strong dislike of either one, so it wasn't their mere presence but more what they represented: one dimensional, generic family in crisis as they live in a spooky house and their daughter goes missing. If that's not bland enough for you, rest assured of one thing: almost every "scary" scene in the film is a jump scare.

The kids look creepy enough though

The basic story is that a group of kids were burned alive some time ago and there is a celebration of there lives, or a ritual to keep them at bay so they don't haunt everybody, or both--or none really, as it's all revealed in the end (in a twist you will see coming twenty minutes into the movie) that everything we are told is false and naturally it's all the fault of the white dude and that cursed mercury. Much of what unfolds is difficult to see as the scenes are so dark--not that you're really missing much anyway. Out Of The Dark wreaks of generic mediocrity that, as I discovered, only makes the feeling of being sleepy worse.

On A Scale Of One To Ten: 4

Out Of The Dark Movie Trailer

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