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Burying The Ex Movie Review

Max (Anton Yelchin of Fright Night and Odd Thomas) is an ordinary guy: he has a boring job, big dreams, and a psycho girlfriend. When said psycho, Evelyn (Ashley Greene), moves in and turns his life all green (gotta watch that carbon footprint ya know), Max tries to find a way to break things off, but when Evelyn dies in an accident, Max feels bad--until Evelyn comes back for eternal love. This romantic zomedy is going to draw comparisons to the king of all such films, Shaun of the Dead, and it is going to fall short in every way. Once you get beyond those obvious comparisons, however, this really isn't a bad film. Yelchin, as usual, is likable as our lead character, but Greene truly steals the show here.

Or am I too scared to say anything bad about her?

She is very believable as the "psycho save the world but kill anybody who dare look at her boyfriend" character, and turns in a hilarious and chilling performance once she comes back. The humor is hit or miss, but there are a few laugh out loud moments. The intertextuality and references to past horror films (including some cool posters and film clips) are delightful additions--in particular I enjoy the nod to this "gem" Not all is well, however--in a film filled with likable characters (throw in Alexandra Daddario of Texas Chainsaw 3D as Max's would-be girlfriend Olivia), we are presented with Travis (Oliver Cooper), Max's half brother and this film's answer to Shaun of the Dead's Ed...if Ed had absolutely no redeeming qualities, was portrayed by a horrible actor, and made you want to contemplate killing yourself (or turning the movie off at least). Truthfully, there is not a single thing to like about this character, and worse, he adds absolutely nothing to the story other than to be the victim of the ONE scene of gore we get (don't even get me started on that omission) and providing a source of more possibilities to rip off SOTD. Take this character out, and throw in more creativity and less "borrowing" from preceding films, and you have a much better movie than what we have here.

On A Scale Of One To Ten: 6

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