Saturday, February 20, 2016

AFTER DUSK THEY COME (aka The Forgottten Ones)

After Dusk They Come (The Forgotten Ones) Movie Review

A group of five rather irritating people get shipwrecked and end up on an island inhabited by a lost tribe of killing machines. This 2009 film is some unusual combination of Predator, Touristas, Planet of the Apes, and a prototypical 1950s jungle film--only the sum of the parts is much worse than the parts themselves. Over the first half of the film is spent getting to know the characters--or driving home just how annoying each one can be...however you want to look at it. When they finally land on the island we see a whole lot of trees, leaves, and bushes rustling about before we, at last, see the mysterious tribe of the jungle. For one moment, lets imagine you are with this group and stuck in this situation. Do you...

a) brave the open water

b) brave facing this guy, or

c) brave spending another moment with this bunch

I'll take b...just kill me quick Mr. Monkey-Man-Animal-Thing. Beyond all this, there's not much to this film. Continuity errors are around every corner, so that's a fun thing to watch for. The ending is so over the top and ridiculous that's it's hilarious--unfortunately, they weren't really going for this reaction; picture Sharknado taking itself too seriously, and being shot way too dark. Fans of the series Firefly will be delighted (or disappointed) to see Jewel Staite (Kaylee from the series) as the lead, and a quick look at imdb reveals that Jake (Kellan Lutz) had something to do with the Twilight series, and is also in The Expendables 3, which, most unfortunately, I have not watched yet, though I am quite fortunate to have never seen the Twilight series either. Back to After Dusk They Come"..this is a standard, slightly below average creature feature that nobody should go out of their way to view.

On A Scale Of One To Ten: 4

After Dusk They Come (The Forgotten Ones) Movie Trailer

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