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The Lazarus Effect Movie Review

A small team of researchers discover a way to bring the dead back to life--it starts with a dog, and inevitably is used to bring back one of their own after she is accidentally killed. Of course, being a horror film, when she comes back she is able to access all parts of her brain at once, and chaos and havoc ensue. Tying into this is the question of what happens after death, and the possibility that Zoe, the woman who is brought back, will be spending eternity in Hell for one bad thing she did while she was alive. Right off the bat you will recognize at least a few members of the team, lead by Olivia Wilde (House, Turistas) and also including Evan Peters (American Horror Story, X-Men Series) and Mark Duplass of Creep fame.

Sans Peachfuzz, sadly

These actors do a pretty good job in their given roles, and do what they can with a fairly thin script that fails to develop any of them beyond the bare minimum. Wilde is particularly good in her role of Zoe--I think the combination of her ability to switch from sweet to sadistic at the drop of a hat and the naturally unusual shape of her face adding to the creepiness of the character made her the perfect choice for this role.

It's a compliment Olivia--I think.

Otherwise, unfortunately, this movie is one that had potential but, for the most part, ends up a letdown. We don't get to the resurrection of Zoe until over thirty minutes into the film--this wouldn't be a bad thing but for the fact it has a run time of just 83 minutes, about 7 or 8 of which is credits. This doesn't allow much time at all for the aforementioned chaos and havoc, and when that does finally come, it is crippled considerably by mediocre to awful CGI. The concept of this movie has been done many times prior (for a better take on it, see Flatliners), but it's always a concept that keeps me interested--it's kind of a zombie movie, but then again it's nothing like most zombie films. The Lazarus Effect certainly is not a bad movie, but it is one that should have been much better than it turned out.

On A Scale Of One To Ten: 6

The Lazarus Effect Movie Trailer

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