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Silent Night, Deadly Night Movie Review

After seeing his parents killed by a man dressed in a Santa outfit, Billy is sent to live in an orphanage, where he is treated poorly by Mother Superior (Lilyan Chauvin). Now an adult, Billy works at a toy store, and when he is asked to be the store's Santa, he snaps and begins to kill everybody around him. This 1984 flick is a cross between a slasher film and a psychological thriller that really works well on both fronts--the problem is there's not enough time to give each a fair balance, leaving the viewer wishing they had either extended the length of the film or focused more on one of the two aspects. Billy (Robert Brian Wilson) is an effective enough killer--the character will never be considered a legend on the level of Freddy or Jason, but he certainly is memorable.

If you thought his boss was hammered before...

Not all is right with this film, however. For the most part the acting is rather atrocious, the actions of the characters will leave you wondering how some of these people get through life (or become police officers), and, most interestingly, no character is developed at all except Billy. There is even a scene of a completely random couple thrown in for no reason whatsoever except too give Billy a couple more victims.

And get a cameo from this scream queen

Once Billy begins his murderous spree the body count skyrockets quickly--some of the death scenes are gory, others take place off screen and are far less interesting. The end, unfortunately, is rather anti-climatic and sucks the wind right out of the film. As a side note, when this film was released in theatres, it was done so with a great deal of controversy and boycotting due to the depiction of Santa Claus--it makes you wonder if anybody would even care thirty years later. If you're looking for an 80s slasher film you could certainly do worse than Silent Night, Deadly Night--you could also do much better.

On A Scale Of One To Ten: 6

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