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House of Frankenstein Movie Review

An insane Doctor (legendary horror actor Boris Karloff) and his hunchback buddy Daniel (J. Carrol Naish) escape prison and set off to discover the secrets of Doctor Frankenstein. Along the way they encounter, and resurrect, Dracula, The Wolf Man, and The Frankenstein Monster. So everybody knows these classic Universal Monsters, but what many may not know is that countless numbers of sequels and crossover films were made that included the characters we all know and love--House of Frankenstein falls into this category. It offers up the monsters we know, but other than Lon Chaney Jr. returning as the Wolf Man, they are all played by different actors--and it shows.

The Monster talking to The Monster

The story is, honestly, fairly weak and comes across as lazy--it's clear there was a rush to get all the classics on screen, but it is terribly hurried. If you're expecting the Monsters to fight at some point you'll be let down. Every classic character in the film (the Mad Scientist, The Hunchback, Frankenstein's Monster, Wolf Man, and Dracula) all meet their demise in this film in less than fantastic fashion--not that any of that matters, as they're all brought back in future films anyway. There is some good in this film. Karloff turns in the performance you would expect, and Naish steals the show with his portrayal of Daniel--there is even a Hunchback of Notre Dame type subplot involving Daniel, The Wolf Man, and a gypsy dancer that is more interesting than the main plot. House of Frankenstein is a fun enough movie to watch, but don't expect a classic film here--it's much more a gimmicky cash in of beloved characters.

On A Scale Of One To Ten: 5

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