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1408 Movie Review

Horror writer Mike Enslin (John Cusack), having spent his entire career debunking the existence of the paranormal, decides to try one final location--New York Dolphin Hotel, room 1408. Once there he fails to heed the warnings of hotel manager Gerald Olin (Samuel L. Jackson). Soon after entering the room the non-believer is forced to believe. This 2007 film, an adaptation of a Stephen King short story, is a personal favorite of mine. I am a big fan of both Cusack and Jackson, and both do a fantastic job in this film. This film is strong on special effects, but it also has a very good story to work around--Enslin's battles also include having recently watched his daughter die and his wife leave him, and soon after entering room 1408 some of the ghosts of the 56 people who have died in the room begin to torment the writer.

Including this guy

The movie does a wonderful job building the tension, and Cusack's slow decline to madness is brilliantly displayed. This room puts Enslin through everything--heat, extreme cold, delusions, pictures coming to life, flooding, destruction--it's all here, and it's all executed very well. My only major complaint with the movie, unfortunately, is a big one--the build to the climax. The film begins to take twists and turns before the ending, and it is drawn out WAY too much. The film would have benefitted from some cut scenes or, better, more time spent in the room. Still, this alone is not reason enough to not watch this film. It is a great adaptation of a King story (the first really good one in quite some time) and the story and style of shooting are unmistakable nods to Alfred Hitchcock himself.

On A Scale Of One To Ten: 8

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