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The Strangers Movie Review

Couple Kristen (Liv Tyler of The Lord of the Rings Films) and James (Scott Speedman of Underworld films) are terrorized by three masked people in a remote home. This 2008 film created a lot of buzz when it was released, and it's easy to see why--the premise of the film is terrifying. Home break-in is a fear that practically every person can relate to. Unfortunately, the delivery of the film is less impressive. Off the bat I will admit to being a fan of neither Tyler nor Speedman, and their performances here did nothing to change my mind on that opinion. The film itself--it starts off very slow, and when things finally do start to get going, much of what is happening is in the dark, and I get that darkness adds to the fear, but SO MUCH of this film is almost complete darkness, and silence, and as a result, uninteresting. There is a fine line between creating atmosphere with dim lighting and silenced fear and using these techniques so much you lose the interest of the viewer--sadly, that's what this movie does.

At least some cool Halloween costumes came from this film

The film also tends to fall into some horror clichés: jump scares, the victims doing to the most illogical things they possibly can, and, worst of all, the very human villains suddenly vanishing as soon as a victim turns around. The camera work was also very poor in this film--at times it looked as if the camera was placed on top of a giant bobblehead--this can be a fairly effective technique when filming an intense scene--it's less effective when the scene is a couple sitting at a kitchen table in silence. All is not lost with this film. Once the sun rises we get a really good five minute sequence that, sadly, has a poor payoff. I really, really wanted to like this movie--I first saw it upon its DVD release years ago, and bought it years later in hopes that if I gave it another chance I would like it the second time around--unfortunately, I found it once again to be just an average film. 

On A Scale Of One To Ten: 5

The Strangers Movie Trailer

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