Friday, October 2, 2015


The Monkey's Paw Movie Review

Being familiar with the W.W. Jacobs story The Monkey's Paw I was cautiously excited when I first saw previews for this film--on one hand, it is a really good story, but on the other hand, this is a Chiller original, and we all know how those tend to go. The movie tells a story that is just similar enough to get away with its title, but it never comes close to touching the awesomeness of the Jacobs classic. What we get here is a fired worker giving the paw to his former boss Jake (C.J. Thomason), who uses it to get a car, bring back to life his friend Cobb (Stephen Lang, Avatar, Terra Nova), who has just died after Jake crashed his new car, and then try to figure out how to stop his friend from killing everybody.

Why so blue?

This movie starts off terribly boring and, worse, uninteresting. The acting is as wooden as one can imagine, and it covers every stereotype they can fit into a blue collar job environment. The movie does begin to get somewhat interesting once Cobb starts killing practically everybody he comes across and we see Lang in his more familiar "bad guy" role. There is, however, a good chance you have given up on the movie by this point (my girlfriend fell asleep well before anything interesting happened) and, if this is the case, the movie likely isn't strong enough to pull you back to a point of caring. I wanted to like this movie but just could not bring myself to, and while it's not a horrible movie, it certainly is not one I would recommend either.

On A Scale Of One To Ten: 4

The Monkey's Paw Trailer

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