Monday, October 26, 2015

MESSIAH OF EVIL (aka Dead People)

Messiah Of Evil Movie Review

Arletty (Marianna Hill) arrives at her father's house, only to discover he is gone. Inside, she finds writings from her father describing unusual and unsettling happenings in the town. Arletty is soon joined by three strangers--Thom (Michael Greer), a guy who only seems interested in sleeping with Arletty, and two women (Joy Bang and Anitra Ford) who get jealous when Thom shows Arletty attention. This 1973 film is a combination of the good and, unfortunately, the boring. It moves very, very slow, and the acting is often questionable at best. We discover fairly early on that the town, as a result of something that happened a hundred years ago, and a blood moon, is overrun by the undead. The zombie-esque humans are actually fairly creepy looking when they finally appear on screen. While not incredibly scary, there is one scene that, with a wonderful slow build, becomes absolutely frightening.

Toni suspects not all is normal

The real strength of this film is the dialogue. It is very well written, and the combination of the narration of Aletty and her reading of her father's writings is a very effective way of delivering the story. Other than at the beginning of the film (and a stream of it coming from the eyes of the undead) there's not a lot of blood in the film, and little to no gore. Messiah of Evil has an interesting premise, and a very cool presentation, but ultimately it fails to live up to its potential. 

On A Scale Of One To Ten: 5 

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