Friday, October 2, 2015


Axed Movie Review

After losing his job, Kurt Wendell (Jonathan Hansler) takes his wife Steph (Andrea Gordon) and children Megan (Nicola Posener) and Jay (Christopher Rithin) to a remote house for a day away--once there, however, the unhinged father reveals his true reason for the getaway.

Not what they had in mind

This low budget English film is packed with potential but comes up a bit short. The story would be an interesting one if Kurt was presented earlier in the film as a caring, sympathetic character, but he is a jerk from the start, so when we see him come undone, it is of no surprise. We learn the character wants to kill his family, but the reasons are boring--the wife is sleeping with his former boss, and he feels that if he kills her for it he also must kill the kids (who both appear to be pushing thirty years of age) because they cannot possibly go on without him, as he also has plans of killing himself (it's also implied heavily he wants to kill his son for being gay and his daughter for being too slutty, things we've seen in horror a million times). Had they made any of the victims even remotely likable this could have made for a decent film, but instead we get three irritating twits who always do the exact thing they shouldn't do, and who are some of the absolute weakest characters ever presented in horror--at times it seemed like they were so uninterested in fighting back that they actually WANTED to be killed. The script is dull, the acting is dreadful, and the end is way too drawn out. There is a fair bit of blood and gore in the film, and it actually is shot well, so it does have that going for it, but I recommend skipping this movie.

On A Scale Of One To Ten: 4

Axed Trailer

On a personal note, I'm proud I made it through this entire review without an "axed" joke.

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