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It Follows Movie Review

Immediately after having sex with the guy she's been sort of dating, teenager Jay Height (Maika Monroe) is knocked out and tied to a chair by the guy so he can explain something sinister to her--he has given her some sort of curse or disease that will result in something following, and possibly killing, her. This 2014 horror flick has become a much-talked about film and favorite among fans--maybe this lifted my expectations a bit, but I came away from this one disappointed. The obvious question surrounding this movie is "What is it?"

It's it!

I am fairly certain writer-director David Robert Mitchell wanted to leave this question open-ended, relying on the viewer to figure it out. I saw the entire film as a look at the AIDS scare of the 1980s--the exact year is never stated in the film, but the cars (for the most part), clothing, and technology/appliances screamed early 80s to me. I pictured this being the time when there were a lot more questions than answers about that particular STD, and the "it" that followed people was a combination of the fear, the disease itself, and the death that results from it (or maybe the entire film was the dream of somebody who had the disease--who knows). In any event, my issue with the film has nothing to do with any of this--instead, what really kills the movie for me is the pacing. You spend a little over an hour and a half (it seems longer) watching little to nothing actually happening. The dialogue is dreadfully boring--even when they talk about the events of what is happening around them the characters sound bored. The writer also does little to make the characters likable or interesting in the least--I get that the point is that it happens to the "everyday" young person, and thus can happen to anybody, but at least give the characters some depth. Finally, the "it" that follows seems to have no rhyme, reason, or rules. Shooting it in the head? That may or may not do something to it. It comes for you slowly--except when it doesn't. It changes appearances often--this is explained and I am really okay with this, but sadly I couldn't help but think of Jason Goes To Hell: The Final Friday when it came to this, and if there's a horror movie you don' want to put your viewer in mind of while they're watching your film, it's Jason Goes To Hell: The Final Friday.

It in one of it's many forms, sans heart eating
If you can get past these things there actually are a couple enjoyable things about this movie. The music in the film really stands out and is fantastic. It is a wonderful throwback to music of horror films gone by and does a great job setting the mood (and backing my 1980s theory). The scenery and locations are also very pleasing, though I didn't quite buy a group of pretty young teens walking around those 8 Mile neighborhoods. These things notwithstanding, I found "It Follows to be one of the more overrated horror films I have seen in quite some time. Don't believe the hype.

On A Scale Of One To Ten: 4

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