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Avenged Movie Review

Zoe, a deaf/mute woman out on the road alone, is kidnapped, beaten, raped and murdered by a band of evil-doing rednecks who, living in the middle of the desert, have nothing better to do I guess. When an old Indian medicine man finds Zoe's body and attempts to save her, the soul of a vengeful Apache inhabits her body, giving him the opportunity to avenge the deaths of his people at the hands of the evil white man.

It's avenging time!

Yes, this movie is similar to The Last House On The Left and I Spit On Your Grave only, you know, not nearly as good. Putting aside the inevitable comparisons, even as a stand alone movie this is still not a good film. The dialogue is uninteresting, the special effects are on par with a typical SyFy original (minus the humor), and the outcome is predictable and boring. The acting is pretty bad across the board, with the possible exception of Amanda Adrienne as Zoe. The film is also bogged down by cliché after cliché (one of the redneck bad guys is a cop, the Indian is all-knowing, a heart keeps beating after being pulled out of a chest--you get the picture).


The positive things about this movie are few, but they are there. Zoe looks pretty wicked once she is possessed, and Adrienne goes a good job via her facial expressions, making the character look scarier. There is a good bit of gore--unfortunately, it is often laughably bad (the intestines being pulled out especially). I'm replaying the entire movie in my head, trying desperately to think of something else positive say--I'm sorry, I have nothing.
On A Scale Of One To Ten: 3

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