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Sin Reaper Movie Review

Samantha Walker (Helen Mutch) has been having nightmares of a killer for over ten years. Her therapist (horror legend Lance Henriksen) discovers the location of her visions is in Germany and encourages her to go there to face her fear. Once there the killer she has been having visions of begins killing. This is an absolute mess of a movie. I'll start with the good (this won't take long). Henriksen is in the movie (albeit briefly), it's presented by Fangoria (a pretty good magazine), and the killer's costume looks like something from an 80s metal bands album cover.

Metal health'll drive you mad

Yes, that is all the positive I can find in this film (and I don't even like metal). From there it's...ugh. The directing is so poor I really cannot pinpoint the worst of it all--I'll lean toward the out of focus zoom shots near the end of the film. The camera work is shaky--and no, this is not a found footage film. The acting is horribly insulting. At one point in the film a guy says the following to Samantha: "Oh good, you're American!". As she is clearly speaking with an English accent I can't tell if a) the character was supposed to be a complete moron (the rest of the movie implies he's not) or b) Samantha is supposed to be from the United States and Mutch is not a talented enough actress to do an American accent. The death scenes are bland. The reveal at the end is not interesting at all. The cuts from scene to scene are without rhyme or reason. The fight scenes appear to have been choreographed by a nine year old. Most of the movie looks as if it were shot on a home camcorder. And though the movie only comes in at just over 90 minutes, you will feel it has drained you of at least 5 hours of your life. If all this is not bad enough, the movie was shot in 3D and not cleaned up well for home release, making already poor scenes even worse. One would likely be accurate with the assumption that the filmmakers of this disaster were trying to create an homage to old Hammer films--they mastered the boring portion of the Hammer films but failed miserably in delivering a good, or even interesting, ending.

On A Scale Of One To Ten: 3 

Sin Reaper Movie Trailer

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