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 Inner Demons Movie Review

When Catholic school girl and straight A student Carson Morris (Lara Vosburgh) becomes addicted to heroin her parents agree to let a television crew film her intervention. What they discover is that her "inner demons" go beyond a drug addiction. This low budget film is delivered by little known writer Glenn Gers, a director (Seth Grossman) best known for The Butterfly Effect 3, and a ton of actors nobody has ever heard, but, surprisingly, it's actually not too bad. The film has a very slow pace in the beginning but it does eventually pick up (be patient). Vosburgh certainly has potential to be a good actress, but one can't help but think she was cast due primarily to her ability to somewhat distort her face to make her "look creepy" naturally.

We get the idea

The main pitfalls of this movie involve it falling into too many horror movie clichés. Of course Carson becomes "goth" after she begins to use drugs. Why is this? She shows no signs of this before her drug use, and we see that she has books that help her understand what is happening to her (Satanism, demon possession, etc), nobody she is ever around dresses like this, so why does she? The movie seems to imply the demon inside her influences her dressing this way, but that really only serves to undermine the intentions of the demon (as well as people who dress this way in real life). The movie also falls victim to questionable special effects and CGI...

like this...
..., the deep "demon voice", jump scares, the issue of "why are they still filming" that most found footage films face, and the mysterious winds of exorcism. That said, there is a lot to like about this film. I love that the "hero" of the film is a cameraman (that job holds a special place in my heart). I enjoy how they present the crew, the intervention expert, and the doctor in the rehab--the film does a fantastic job of showing how practically nobody has Carson's best interests in mind. The film also has a pretty strong ending that you may not see coming, though the demon mugging it up for the camera at the end is really tired at this point. While Inner Demons is no Paranormal Activity, it is an above average horror film that really is better than it should have been. 

On A Scale Of One To Ten: 6

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