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Zombeavers Movie Review

Three college girls attempt to have a weekend away from their boyfriends by heading to a small house in the woods. Once there they are, naturally, joined by their boyfriends and, courtesy of a chemical spill, zombie beavers.

These guys

This horror-comedy is the definition of hit and miss. The acting is some of the worst you will find. Yes, it is largely approached as a comedy, but the acting, and especially the writing, are really too self-aware for this to work. Taking a more clever approach would have made a world of difference. Instead we get jokes a typical 14 year old boy may find amusing--the opening sequence, featuring an almost unrecognizable John Mayer, gives a good idea of the level of comedy for most of the rest of the movie. The characters are boring at best, absolutely irritating at worst--in fact, you would be hard pressed to find a dozen characters in horror history as annoying as Buck (Peter Gilroy, the actor playing the character, does the already poorly written character no favors with his horrendous "acting"). Still, not all is bad with this movie. I love the fact they used puppets and makeup as opposed to poor CGI. This is one of many things that gives this movie a throwback feel. When the humans inevitably begin to turn into human-beaver zombies the look of them is fantastic.

What lovely teeth you have

The gorehounds will be satisfied at the amount of blood spilled in this film, and fans of horror films past will enjoy some of the references included. The final fifteen minutes or so of the film make up for the preceding hour of sophomoric jokes and missed opportunities, but the fun doesn't end there. The credits feature outtakes, a hilarious song that summarizes the film, and a bonus scene after the credits the hints at a possible sequel (Zombees maybe?). As I said, this film is hit and miss, and the first hour is a lot to sit through for the final fifteen minutes, but those overall I found this to be a fun, harmless film.

On A Scale Of One To Ten: 5

Zombeavers Movie Trailer (Contains Strong Language)

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