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The Creature Walks Among Us Movie Review

The third and final film in the Creature series (preceded by the classic Creature From The Black Lagoon and Revenge of the Creature) finds a group of people, headed by mad scientist Dr. William Barton (Jeff Morrow), searching for the Creature (aka Gill Man) in the Florida Everglades. The reason for this search? Barton wants to turn the Creature into an air breather by giving him lungs. The first half of the movie does a decent job developing the characters--joining Barton are his somewhat abused wife Marcia (model Leigh Snowden), another doctor named Morgan (Rex Reason), would-be hero Jed Grant (Gregg Palmer) and a couple less developed characters. After an extended swimming scene and near-misses, the group finally finds and captures Gill Man, bringing him on land and dressing him somewhat questionably.

"No, you look nice Mr. Creature"

If you have seen Creature From The Black Lagoon you should already know not to expect this movie to live up to the awesomeness of that film, and it really doesn't. That's not to say it's bad though. The acting in it is actually pretty good, especially Morrow as Barton. The film is beautifully shot. I was impressed by the way they went about bringing the calm to The Creature before he inevitably snaps and goes nuts. This said, there is a lot I didn't like about this film as well. The time they spent on the boat searching for Gill Man was way too long. I understand they used this time to develop the characters, but beyond that it tended to be tedious. The look of Gill Man (aside from the ridiculous clothing) was...odd. Something about it was just off-putting...maybe it was the lack of gills. 


Also the ending, while awesome, should have been longer. I would have liked to have seen them take time from the boat scenes and have more happen after Gill Man snaps. Still, even with the shortcomings of the movie, I enjoyed watching it, even with the depressing ending.

On A Scale of One To Ten: 6

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