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 The Babadook Movie Review

A single mother (Essie Davis) struggles with the loss of her husband, her son Samuel's fear of monsters, and, after reading a mysterious bedtime story, the very real possibility that something evil may be indeed be lurking in her house. This Australian horror film is a fan favorite and a critics darling, and for good reason--it is a very scary film with clever writing and twists and turns here and there. The mood of the entire film is dark--very dark in fact, so do not come in looking for any dashes of humor. The villain in the movie, the Babadook, is seen primarily as a shadowy figure and drawings in the book--in fact, you only catch a brief glimpse of his face.

You can't get rid of him. 

Teasing the monster but never showing it entirely is a very effective technique in this film, and it helps maintain the overall uneasy feeling one gets watching everything unfold. Davis also does a fantastic job as the mother at her wits end. This movie does have a couple setbacks, however, with the first, and largest of them, being this kid...

Samuel, the REAL monster of this film

I have a couple issues with this kid. First, a kid in a movie such as this needs to be scary--this one is not. My second issue with Sam is that he is such an out of control, hyperactive, obnoxious brat that you will unquestionably start to pray the Babadook just kills him already. You see the picture up there? It paints the perfect picture of this kid. It's not that the actor, Noah Wiseman, does a poor job with the character either--it's just an overwritten character. This all leads to what you want to avoid in a good horror film--a victim that you feel no sympathy for. My other major issue with the film is the ending. This is a very good horror film that unfortunately suffers from a bad ending--the final ten minutes are horrid and contradict, in several ways, the groundwork already laid out in the film. Ordinarily the last couple points I made would be enough to cripple a film, but I can't help but like this outing in spite of its shortcomings. As I said, this is a truly terrifying film and one that all horror films should check out.

On A Scale Of One To Ten: 7

The Babadook Movie Trailer

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