Tuesday, June 16, 2015


The Sleeping Car Movie Review

After leaving his wife, thirty-something Jason (David Naughton of An American Werewolf In London fame) enters college and moves into a train car turned apartment that happens to be haunted. This 1990 comedy-horror has all the direct-to-video weirdness one would expect from this era: a ridiculous plot, obnoxious characters, enough blood and gore to keep the audience interested, topless women, horrible acting--you get the point--and it delivers in spades. The MOST obnoxious character? Stick it out and you will see his death (this being Jeff Conaway from Taxi). The lead actress? Hang around long enough and you will see her topless (this being Judie Aronson of Friday the 13th: The Final Chapter). The horror aspect of the movie is fine--if you can accept a sofa killing people via the ghost that haunts the car. Speaking of the ghost, once we finally see him, he actually looks at least a little creepy.

Get off my train car!

A lot of the movie doesn't make sense--why is the guy who was so distraught over people dying in the beginning killing people? Why doesn't Jason ever lock his door?--but if you get too caught up in these details you will only beat your head against a wall. Where the movie really fails is in the comedy department. Had the writing actually been good, this movie had all the potential to have an Evil Dead sort of cult following. Unfortunately, it's just not funny, and the desire to be the next Evil Dead is obvious. Instead, what we get is another somewhat forgettable film from the bizarre time in horror films between the classics of the 80s and the resurrection of the mid 90s.

On A Scale Of One To Ten: 5

The Sleeping Car Movie Trailer

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