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Starry Eyes Movie Review

Struggling actress Sarah (Alexandra Essoe) is about to get her big break in show business, but landing her first role will cost her more than she anticipated. That is the basic idea of this dark horror flick from newcomers Kevin Kolsch and Dennis Widmyer. We see Sarah go through what you expect a struggling actress in the movie to go through (a job she hates but that pays that bills, a producer wanting sexual favors, etc), but Essoe brings a smooth eeriness to the disturbed Sarah. Essoe and Fabianne Therese, as mean girl Erin, turn in nice performances, but some--scratch that, most--of the acting in this film is pretty bad. The movie does tend to drag and build a slow burn, with little in the way of thrills, scares, or horror until the final fifteen minutes, but those fifteen minutes almost make the wait worth it. Once Sarah agrees to do what the producer wants her to--it's sexual as well as a classic "trade your soul for..." deal--we see her really melt down, switching from her normal self...

She likes to pull her hair, but she looks fairly normal changing a bit...

Meth addict Sarah, well, this...

What bald cap?
...and it's all brought on by these people...

"The greater good."

Somewhere between phases two and three of Sarah's transformation we get the best part of the movie: it goes from melodramatic self-loathing indie flick to jaw-dropping slasher "Oh my God, did you just see that?!" horror flick, offering up some of the most brutal killings (the dumbbell scene was actually kind of hard to watch) in recent memory. The thing I found most interesting about the killing spree was how Erin, who was nothing but mean to Sarah throughout the film, actually wanted to get Sarah help when she saw the condition she was in. Unfortunately, after the series of killings, the movie goes in a direction that is fairly standard fare and uninteresting, making one feel they were doing weird stuff simply for the sake of being weird. This movie is an interesting one--I am tempted to recommend it based on the performances of Essoe and Therese, the death scenes, and some really fantastic music, but honestly, this film is a lot to sit through for that. 

On A Scale Of One To Ten: 5

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