Tuesday, June 23, 2015


Frogs Movie Review

A wealthy family on their own island have just one worry in life: the croaking of frogs keeps them up at night. After attempting to poison them, the frogs, and their friends, get fed up and seek revenge on the humans. The first thing to mention is that, despite the title, the frogs themselves have plenty of help. Their allies include toads, many different types of snakes and lizards, alligators, leeches, superimposed birds, turtles, crabs, scorpions, spiders, a butterfly, and possibly even...moss (?).


This 1972 horror film may qualify as being so bad it's good. The errors throughout the film are hilarious--there is a scene where lizards are supposed to be knocking bottles over but it is hysterically obvious they are not. A smoke machine is fairly visible in one shot. My favorite of the numerous errors is seeing the allegedly dead first victim breathing very deeply as he lies in a water puddle. They never really mention where the movie takes place, but given the scenery I pictured the Everglades in Florida, leading me to wonder throughout the film why on Earth anybody would want that island to begin with (it turns out it was filmed in the panhandle section of Florida). There are actually a few faces you may recognize in the movie, including a young Sam Elliot and Joan Van Ark, and legendary Ray Milland, who does a pretty good job as the grumpy lead rich jerk Mr. Crockett, a character that reminded me a bit of the old man from the Father's Day segment of Creepshow--I was expecting him to scream "Where's my cake?!" at any moment. There is little blood and no gore in this PG rated film, so do not go in expected anything extreme. As I said, this is a movie that is kind of so bad it's good, and I enjoyed it probably more than I should have. Also, if you decide to watch this movie, wait for the extra bit at the end of the credits. It's actually pretty awesome.

On A Scale Of One To Ten: 6

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