Sunday, June 7, 2015


Curucu Beast Of The Amazon Movie Review

Plantation workers are being killed off in an area near the Amazon River, so Rock Dean (John Bromfield) and his doctor, Andrea Romar (Beverly Garland) set off to solve the mystery. This 1956 film, unfortunately, doesn't have a lot going for it. The beast, aptly named "the curucu", looks...well...

..yeah, like this...

...which lead to me recalling one of the most disappointing and ridiculous things involving my days as a pro wrestling fanatic...

...ladies and gentlemen, the Gobbledy Gooker.

Mercifully, we only see this abomination a few times before the big twist of the film is revealed about 45 minutes in (by the way, the twist of the movie was spoiled in the description of the movie on my television--thanks Bright House). The 45 minutes leading to this monumental moment are filled with Bromfield portraying one of the least likable heroes you are likely to see in film, stock footage of random animals one may or may not see in the Amazon region (I especially enjoyed the murky piranha clips), and a plot as thin as a blade of grass. So we get the big reveal about 45 minutes into the movie (it feels like two hours by this point) and then what little plot there was leading to this moment is blown up, giving way to absolute nonsense and chaos for the next half hour or so (this feels like another two hours). We end the movie with another reveal that is more predicable, yet more interesting, than the first. The acting is bland, the directing is awful (the quick cuts between the stock footage and film shots is hilarious), and there is no real payoff in sight. There is one superimposed shot of the heroes looking out upon the wildlife that is hilarious, but sadly, I cannot find a picture of it (it is in the trailer below, however). I really, really wanted to like this film, label it as "so bad it's good", but alas, it turned out just bad. Avoid it.

On A Scale Of One To Ten: 3 

Curucu, Beast Of The Amazon Trailer (it's much better than the movie).

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