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THIR13EN GHOSTS (aka Thirteen Ghosts)

Thirteen Ghosts Movie Review

Family man Arthur Kriticos (Tony Shalhoub, Monk, Wings) inherits a creepy mansion from his late uncle Cyrus and finds it holds more than they bargained for. I will say upfront this is a favorite horror film of mine--that said, it is not without faults. With the exception of Matthew Lillard (Scream, SLC Punk!) as Dennis, the acting in this film is pretty bad--even Shalhoub, who I consider myself a fan of, is off in this film, and his kids (Shannon Elizabeth and Alex Roberts) border on unbearable. The dialogue is pretty weak and cheesy (maybe an ode to the original?) and you get the idea the best lines in the movie were improvised by Lillard. All that said, this movie has a lot going for it. The ghosts are absolutely terrifying. I remember seeing this in the theater when it came out and genuinely being creeped out by some of the ghosts, in particular The Hammer and The Jackal.

Mr. Hammer

Mr. Jackal

Really all twelve of the ghosts (I know there are thirteen, but I don't want to spoil anything for anybody who has not seen it) are really well done and frightening. The house itself is jaw-dropping in its detail, and the special effects are really good for its time (2001). Some of the death scenes are gory, and the opening sequence sets a good mood for the rest of the movie. There is also a really cool nod to the original 13 Ghosts--in the original, to "see" the ghosts in the film audience members had to put on a pair of special glasses. In this one characters in the film itself could only see the ghosts if they were wearing special glasses. Thir13en Ghosts will never be considered a masterpiece of horror in anybody's book, but it is a movie I enjoy quite a bit and recommend highly.

On A Scale Of One To Ten: 8

Thir13en Ghosts Movie Trailer

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