Thursday, April 9, 2015


The Bees Movie Review

African honey bees are mating with other bees in Brazil, unleashing an onslaught that spreads to the rest of South America and, via corporate greed, makes its way into the United States. This 1978 B movie (I won't make the obvious pun here) is filled with the same nonsense of 50's creature features that no doubt inspired it: bad dialogue, poor acting, a plot that is get the picture. The special effects of the bee swarms are so bad they're hilarious. The accents of the actors are so insulting at times you have to laugh. As the movie moves along you are also treated to stock footage war against the bees and a realization that the bees are actually trying to communicate with the humans, all laid out in gibberish filled dialogue that would make Ed Wood himself proud. There are, surprisingly, a couple recognizable people in this film, including John Saxon of A Nightmare On Elm Street fame giving one of the most over-the-top overacting performances one can imagine, and John Carradine, who appeared in no fewer than 347 films and television shows in his career! Be mindful that this movie is rated PG, so don't expect much gore or blood--in fact, there is none. Also be prepared for one of the most abrupt endings you are likely to ever see.

This is not a good movie by any stretch, but it is a nod to 50's B cinema, and as long as you know not to take it too seriously, you may have fun watching this one.

On A Scale Of One To Ten: 4

The Bees Trailer

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