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Sleepy Hollow High Movie Review

As an alternative to being expelled from school, a group of high school trouble makers are sent to clean up the woods around Sleepy Hollow. What they don't know is that evil awaits them. This is a very low budget film (to give you an idea, the same two or three names appear dozens of times in the end credits) that has a fairly simple but promising premise, and manages to fail in its delivery in every way possible. The lighting, sound, sound effects, and especially the directing are all dreadfully bad. To call what we see the people doing on the screen "acting" is an insult to the profession, especially Ruben Brown as "Z" and Kevin Summerfield (also the writer, director, producer, makeup get the idea) as Mr. E. Also, I don't know their ages, but the high school students look to be in their late twenties to early thirties. These things all combine to produce what comes off as a bad college project.

Still, one could overlook the bad of this film if it had redeeming qualities. For example, good death scenes can make up for this. Did this movie have that? No. It had slow motion off screen death scenes. A scary Headless Horseman villain? Forget it. Instead, we get a fat dude in a cheap Halloween costume.

THIS is our villain?!

Likable and/or entertaining characters? Not here. You will find yourself begging for their demise. At the end you find yourself thinking "I've sat through all this, so now the ending will be so incredibly original and unexpected that it will have made the last hour and a half of my life worth living!"--and you will be disappointed. They go with perhaps the most overdone, clichéd ending in film history. If you have managed to make it through this movie, do yourself a favor and watch the credits. It is at this time you will enjoy the only two positive things I can say about this film: the credits look cool and there is a catchy song that plays through most of it (and if you're really bored, take a shot every time you see the names Kevin Summerfield and Chris Arth appear on the screen).

On A Scale Of One To Ten: 2

Sleepy Hollow High Movie Trailer 

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