Thursday, March 5, 2015


  Bay of Blood / Twitch Of The Death Nerve Movie Review

After an heiress is murdered by her husband, friends and family alike swarm in to attempt to stake claim in her property. This low budget Italian horror film from Mario Bava is considered a precursor to the slasher films that would come out in the following decade (this is a 1971 film). It is easy to see the comparison, as this film is fairly violent and graphic for it's time. Fans of the Friday The 13th series will easily recognize a couple scenes in this film.

Look familiar?

It's interesting to see the influence it had on future films, but this movie in and of itself really is not a great one. The plot is pretty simple, the acting is largely questionable at best, and the setting is bland. The directing is interesting, but not necessarily in a good way, as we get repeated zoom shots that are more silly than intense. The ending is so bad it will certainly be one you won't forget. While I appreciate this film for it's inspirational elements, the rest of it is truly nothing special.

On A Scale Of One To Ten: 4

Twitch Of The Death Nerve Movie Trailer

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