Thursday, March 26, 2015

FUNNY GAMES (Original)

Funny Games Movie Review

Two young boys force their way into the home of a couple and their child and proceed to both mentally and physically torture the family through a series of games. This Austrian movie (In German with English subtitles) from 1997 is really more a social commentary on violence in media than a straight horror film, and the delivery of it is very hit or miss. The movie blurs the line between reality and fiction--lead villain Paul often breaks the fourth wall, telling the audience the formula of how such a film works, predicting who the audience is cheering for, and so on.

Fourth wall? Broken.

This thin line is blurred more during an absolutely fantastic moment near the end of the film that sees Paul searching frantically to find the remote to the television so he can rewind what just happened. While these things all make the movie enjoyable, there is also too much that takes away from it. The film moves at a very slow pace at times--one scene in particular is one continuous ten minute shot where practically nothing happens at all. I understand the director was trying to set a mood with this shot, but for a viewer it drags on far too long--I literally found myself drifting off as this scene unfolded, completely ruining the mood for me. Another point is that while the director tries to drive home the violence in media point, there is little violence actually shown in this movie. The movie really takes too long to develop as well, and the premise as to why, or the reason they give anyway, for their behavior is uninteresting. Overall this is not a bad film by any means, but I don't believe it to be the masterpiece many make it out to be.

On A Scale Of One To Ten: 6

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