Sunday, March 22, 2015


Fangs Movie Review

Genetically-altered bats are unleashed on a greedy realtor and his cohorts in a small town. This horror-comedy lacks both scares and laughs--at least laughs where they attempted to get them. I personally got a good laugh at the rubber bats and spider seen in certain scenes. The CGI of the attacking bats is horrible. The acting, especially that of Lukas Behnken as Logan, is absolutely terrible. One has to wonder how Corbin Bernsen, who has been in a million things, ended up in the movie, almost reprising his role of Roger Dorn from Major League. For me there really is not much at all to enjoy about this movie, except one thing--in high school I was good friends with Nicole Clendenen, the actress who plays Alexis Hart, the bratty daughter of Bernsen. It was hilarious and awesome seeing her play this character--in high school she was a very sweet, friendly person who was absolutely nothing like the character she plays in this movie. Sadly, Nicole is only in three scenes, but in my obviously biased opinion, she did a fantastic job. Overall, this is a harmless, fun little film that I would likely not recommend--unless an old friend is in it.

On A Scale Of One To Ten: 5

Fangs Movie Trailer

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