Friday, March 27, 2015


Come Back To Me Movie Review

Sarah (veteran television actress Katie Walder) begins having a series of night terrors and blackouts after being injured in a car accident. However, when things begin to get more bizarre, Sarah installs a camera in her bedroom to see what is truly happening, and what she sees is worse than anything she could imagine.

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This is a pretty slick horror film, though the camera work is really bad at times and the acting is largely sub par, with the exception of Nathan Keyes as new neighbor weirdo (and resident Cookie Monster) Dale, a guy who saw his father kill his mother when he was 14. Still, the story is a really good one, and the reveal is very effective. The movie may seem to drag a bit, but pay attention and you will catch clues throughout as to what is really happening, leading to a final twist in the end is really well executed. The movie isn't overly gory but there are a couple bloody scenes. This low budget 2014 movie sort of flew under the radar, but it is a pretty good film that is worth a viewing.

On A Scale Of One To Ten: 7

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