Saturday, February 21, 2015


Puppet Master 9: Axis Of Evil Movie Review

This one picks up immediately after Toulon commits suicide (as seen in the original Puppetmaster). Young Danny Coogan (Levi Fiehler) finds Toulon's body as well as his puppets. He takes the puppets home and discovers their secret, just in time to help save the plant his girlfriend works at, which, as it turns out, is about to be bombed by the same Nazis who were chasing Toulon. The two Nazis are also joined by three Japanese folks in their effort to destroy the plant that makes weapons for the U.S. military.
The Japanese folks.

This is an absolute mess of a movie. The sets are awful, the script is painfully bad (just try to count the historical inaccuracies), and the acting, for the most part, is dreadful. Ada Chao, as the lead Japanese villain Ozu, turns in one of the worst performances I have ever seen--Ed Wood himself would have winced at this. The two guys playing the German Nazis don't even bother attempting a German accent. They sound like two Americans from 2010 California. It really is so bad it's laughable. The only decent performance of the film is turned in by Fiehler--it probably wasn't even decent, but instead seemed that way in comparison. The puppets themselves look--different. There is virtually no blood or violence in this film either. The end of the film is abrupt and promises another installment--it can't possibly be as bad as this one, can it?

On A Scale Of One To Ten: 4

Puppet Master 9: Axis Of Evil Movie Trailer

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