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Alice In Murderland Movie Review

Twenty years after her mother is murdered, Alice's (Malerie Grady) friends take her to the building her mother was murdered in to celebrate Alice's twenty first birthday. The theme? Alice In Wonderland, of course. Once there, a killer eventually (and not soon enough) starts killing off the party goers. The first thing you notice is the movie is very cheaply shot--this in and of itself is no reason for me to stop watching, as I have seen many interesting, and even good, movies made on a shoestring budget. The movie starts with a very 80's horror feel, and I started to think I may actually like this, but alas, it all fell apart. First, the acting is some of the worst you can possibly imagine. This is to be expected in a low budget film, but this is on a new level of bad. Christopher Senger as Mr. White is unquestionably the worst actor I have seen since...honestly, I can't remember ever seeing acting this bad. Kelly Kula as Kat is almost as bad. Marlene Mc'Cohen does a decent job as Alice's best friend Malory, and Heath Butler does what she can with Donna, a one dimensional character if ever there was one. The killer is a goof in a "Jabberwocky" outfit....


The sets in this movie are laughable. The sound is extremely inconsistent throughout. They attempt--and fail miserably--to add humor here and there as well. The funniest moment in the movie is seeing the shadow of a microphone in one scene. Speaking of mistakes--references to Alice In Wonderland are off, a plastic device and blood tube are obvious in one scene, and toward the end of the movie the women are all looking for a way out of the building, even though one characters boyfriend snuck into the building earlier in the film and told her exactly how and where he did it. All this leads to a very predictable and clich├ęd ending. One good thing I will say about this film is that some of the death scenes are not bad for a low budget outing--others are terrible, as is this movie as a whole.

One A Scale Of One To Ten: 3

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