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Blood Night: The Legend Of Mary Hatchet Movie Review

In the late seventies, a young girl named Mary Hatchet kills her mother and father. Ten years later, she is raped in the psych ward she has been living in, and gives birth to a child as a result. After being told the child did not survive, she goes crazy again, killing the staff of the hospital before escaping, only to be shot to death by the police. This all happens before the opening credits are shown, and the film goes down hill quickly from there.

Fast forward 20 years and we see the high school teenagers of Mary's town gearing up to celebrate "Blood Night", a tradition in the town, honoring Mary's killings. The next hour or so of the movie sees teenagers drinking, having sex, and drinking some more. I was bouncing back and forth between being bored out of my mind and irritated to the bone.

Star sighting: Bill Moseley stops by as Graveyard Gus and Danielle Harris (of Halloween fame) makes an appearance as the teenage (yes, Harris was 30 while playing this role) friend of the kind-of lead teenage girl, and both reappear near the end.

The "teens"

As far as the story goes, it's typical slasher fare: axe-murderer back from the dead to find her lost child and kill annoying (and my God, were they ever annoying), drunk teenagers. The movie was shot practically in the dark, so actually seeing anything is difficult at times. The acting, with the exception of Moseley (who himself kind of called this one in), is atrocious. Still, having watched bad horror films for over thirty years, I can overlook poor acting and lighting if a movie has a decent story (this one sort of does, though like I said before, it's nothing new), a bit of gore (this one does, though it is a bit over the top in a comical way), and anything else that can hold my attention. Where this movie fails most is in post. The editing of this movie is inexplicably bad. Overuse of red? Check. Cuts so fast it's impossible to really see what's going on? You bet'cha. It's like watching the result of a college kid who just found all the cool effects on Final Cut Pro. By the time we got to the last fifteen minutes, and something other than teenagers drinking and being obnoxious happens, I found myself not caring at all...good thing too, as the end is predictable, and the deaths not fulfilling in the least.

Don't blame me!

This movie came out of the blocks in a great way, and had the rest of the movie lived up to the opening sequence, it could have been a classic. Instead, it is a run of the mill direct to DVD film that you will likely forget very shortly after watching it. If you're a huge fan of Bill Moseley or Danielle Harris, it may be worth a viewing, though neither are in it for more than about twenty minutes, and I am a huge fan of Moseley and didn't find it worth a viewing at all. For everybody else, skip it, or watch until the opening credits roll, stop the movie, and imagine the rest for yourself.

On A Scale Of One To Ten: 4

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