Sunday, March 20, 2011


Deranged Movie Review

Farmer Ezra Cobb (Roberts Blossom Christine, Doc Hollywood) begins to lose his mind after the death of his mother. A year later he digs her body up and brings it home, leading him to digging up several more bodies and committing murder. The movie starts out with a narrator breaking the fourth wall, explaining this movie was based on a true story, and was hard to watch. The narrator shows up throughout the movie, which is, in fact, based on the real-life story of Wisconsin killer/grave robber/cannibal Ed Gein. This movie is pretty accurate to the real life story of Gein, of course adding a few things as well. Blossom does a pretty convincing job here as “Ez”.

Here he Ez now!

Otherwise the acting ranges from mediocre to bad. This movie suffers from dragging long periods of time with little to nothing happening—odd considering Gein did so much that could have made this movie far more interesting. The dialogue is poor and even laughable at times. The style of shooting leaves a lot to be desired, especially the repeated appearance of the narrator. The gore is pretty much left to a minimal and the special effects are somewhat disappointing considering horror legend Tom Savini was in charge of that department. This isn’t really a terrible movie, but it comes up way too short on the potential it had.

On A Scale Of One To Ten: 4

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