Tuesday, November 23, 2010


Fangs Of The Living Dead Movie Review

Sylvia (Miss Sweden 1950 Anita Ekberg) inherits a castle, but once she arrives she finds it is full of vampires. This is another European Gothic vampire film in a castle, and, like most of the rest, moves at a snails pace throughout, features little action, and a few creepy things here and there. This one is actually better lit than most similar movies, which is good because a lot of the scenery is actually worth looking at, including, but not limited to, the vampire women.

Outside of what you see above, there's not much to this film. As is typical with these types of film almost all the action is saved for the final scene, but unlike in most, this ending is almost as boring as the rest of the movie. Another oddity is the amount of humor used throughout, to mainly poor results (though the character Max did remind me a bit of Rowan Atkinson, so that was entertaining). This movie was originally in Spanish and was dubbed--poorly--to English. The acting is bad throughout and the story is bland. Save yourself a good bit of time and just skip this one.

On A Scale Of One To Ten: 3

Fangs Of The Living Dead Movie Trailer  

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