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A computer hacking killer (Jeffrey Dean), who stalks his victims through an online chat site, is now going after the wife of a millionaire (Nastassja Kinski Cat People, Terminal Velocity) and her friend (Nicollette Sheridan). I was excited to see this movie as it has a few people in it I really like—Kinski, Huey Lewis (the singer), Roger Daltrey (the singer), Melinda Clarke (Return of The Living Dead 3), and Kim Valentine (Grandma’s House). Ah, but how letdown I was. This movie is a great example of why they say “just because you CAN use special effects and enhancements doesn’t mean you SHOULD”. Every thing “special” they try to do visually just looks really cheap and amateurish.

Like whatever this is

Dean is a terrible actor, and a horrible choice for the role, which could have been interesting had somebody with actual acting talents been hired. In fact, the entire movie could have been interesting as it had a somewhat cool story base, but the script and dialogue are so bad that it is hard to keep interest. As for the rest of the cast: Kinski seems bored, Sheridan was bad, Lewis was awesomely bad as an FBI agent, Clarke was oddly miscast as his partner, Daltrey is only in it for about the first 8 minutes, and Valentine, who I had a crush on as a teenager, is only there to play a victim (at least I saw that she still looked good into the 2000’s). Unless you are a fan of any of these people, and probably even if you are, you should just skip this one.

On A Scale Of One To Ten: 3

I couldn't find the trailer, but here is about 4 minutes of the awfulness (it may contain spoilers)

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