Tuesday, June 15, 2010


 Lost Things Movie Review

Four friends head off for holiday on an isolated beach, but their good times soon turn into a nightmare. Yes, that’s vague, but to say much more gives too much away in this Australian film that is loaded with twists and turns. The movie starts sort of slow but it is one that is dropping clues along the way. The dialogue is nothing too exciting but something about it seems very real at times, mainly the interactions between the two guys in the group. This is sort of a slow-burn horror that at different times reminded me of Wolf Creek and various Japanese horror films. The four main actors do a decent job, especially Lenka Kripac as Emily.


And as I just looked up information about her I have found something interesting. Back in 2008 I saw a woman perform with her band on Jay Leno’s show and thought that the song was catchy and the singer was attractive, but I flipped it over during the performance and had no idea who it was. A year and a half later, I watch a movie with the same singer in it but don’t realize it of course. I just confirmed that, yes, the singer I saw on Leno was indeed Lenka Kripac. Weird. Anyways, this is a movie a lot of people will get frustrated with and give up on, or just not get at all. I happened to enjoy it and recommend it (and Lenka’s music as well).

On A Scale Of One To Ten: 7

Lost Things Movie Trailer (I couldn't find this in English, so here it is in German)

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