Thursday, May 6, 2010


Dog Soldiers Movie Review

British military forces in Scotland are out on a training mission when they encounter werewolves in the wilderness. A lot of this 2002 film is spent building up to finally seeing the werewolves and the battle between them and the soldiers, and it can drag out at times, though it does contain some pretty good dialogue and humor. There are also a few cool references to other horror movies (one of the soldiers name is Bruce Campbell). People will probably either love or hate the werewolves as they were done with no CGI, so if that is the type of horror you are used to you will likely not like this. I happen to love such things and found the werewolves pretty cool.

CGI free since 2002

It should be noted that there is tons of gore in this movie too. This film would have benefited greatly by cutting about fifteen to twenty minutes as, like I said, it drags at times, but this is still a decent film that is worth a look.

On A Scale Of One To Ten: 7

Dog Soldiers Movie Trailer

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