Monday, April 19, 2010


Night Watch Movie Review

The forces of good and evil come to a truce after centuries of battling. As part of the agreement, the forces of good form a group titled the Night Watch to be sure the evil forces are sticking to the truce. Likewise, the evil forces form a group called the Day Watch to watch the forces of good. Now the time has come for an “other” to choose his side, and his decision will tip the balance to whichever side he chooses. This 2004 Russian film, based on a series of books, is really off the charts visually.

Awful touching

It is a very dark, mysterious horror/thriller/fantasy movie filled with tons of action, special effects and an intricate storyline. The acting is really good in this, particularly Konstantin Khabenskiy as the lead character Anton. The only thing that may lose you is the story itself, which can be hard to follow at times with all the different characters coming in and out. This is the movie that Watchmen wanted to be, and is the movie that the recent string of movies based on graphic comics should use as a model. This one gets a very high recommendation.

On A Scale Of One To Ten: 9

Night Watch Movie Trailer

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