Thursday, April 22, 2010

LAKE MUNGO (From After Dark Horrorfest 4)

Lake Mungo Movie Review

After losing their 16-year-old daughter Alice (Talia Zucker), a family starts to experience supernatural events at their house, including capturing the ghost of their daughter on film. This Australian film is shot in a slick documentary style and is very effective. You see interviews with people from Alice’s life coupled with film footage of her before her death and after, with plenty of scary moments thrown in.


This all adds up to a pretty good story and movie. The acting is really good in this and the director does a great job of making the film and story seem authentic. It is pretty slow and repetitive at times as you see the same footage and pictures a few times, but that all makes sense in the end. This Horrofest film is also one of the better ones from that series and wraps up probably the best year for the series to date. Interestingly, this film is being remade already. Lake Mungo is not for everybody, as you must have patience to watch it, but I like it and recommend it.

On A Scale Of One To Ten: 8

Lake Mungo Movie Trailer 

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