Thursday, March 4, 2010

THEM (aka ILS)

Ils Them Movie Review

Clementine (Olivia Bonamy) and Lucas (Michael Cohen) are terrorized and chased through their house, the woods, and a drainage system by a group of hooded assailants. French film Ils (known as Them in The States) is based loosely on actual events, so that adds a bit of credence to the story, but not nearly enough to save it.

Behind you!

Unlike many recent French horror films, this one forsakes the gore for more of a suspenseful feel, which at times is actually pretty effective, but ultimately this film suffers from lack of story and seems really drawn out (a sad statement for a 77 minute movie). The “shock” ending really isn’t that shocking (maybe I read it somewhere before?) and was pretty disappointing, though the very final scene is a pretty good visual that leaves one a bit uneasy. Too much stuff happening in the dark, strobe like lighting and lack of plot also add to the disappointment of the movie. This is not a terrible movie but not one worth watching either.

On A Scale Of One To Ten: 5

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