Monday, March 1, 2010

HIGH TENSION (aka Haute Tension)

High Tension Movie Review

Marie (Cecile De France) and Alex (Maiwenn Le Besco) go to Alex’s family’s country house for a vacation. While there, a killer invades the house, kidnapping Alex and killing her family as Marie attempts to stop him. This French film is known for two things: the gore and the twist. First the gore—while it is pretty well done it is really nothing groundbreaking, though the throat-slitting scene is a bit disturbing. There is a ton of blood, including one scene where the blood sprays all over the camera, creating a pretty cool (and unplanned, as this was an accident) visual.

This scene

Now about the twist--I obviously will not say what the twist is--I will only say that it has set off tons of discussions and arguments among people who have seen the movie. It seems that almost everybody either loves it or hates it. The people who love it way overrate it, those who hate it usually don’t get it--I fall between these general groups. After first watching it a couple years ago I didn’t get the twist, mainly because I didn’t pay much attention to the very start of the film. After the second viewing I completely get the twist, understand it all, even made excuses for the obvious shortcomings of it. That said, I love the IDEA of the twist; it is the execution that falls way short, and it takes a lot from the movie to the point that it makes it seem like a waste of the time you spent watching the film.
One really strong point here is the acting of De France as Marie. Like I said, most people who watch this film either love it or hate it with few falling in between, so watch at your own risk. I am one of the few that fall in the middle.

On A Scale Of One To Ten: 5

High Tension Movie Trailer

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