Sunday, February 7, 2010


The Devil's Hand Movie Review

Rick Turner (Robert Alda, father of Alan Alda) sees visions of a “beautiful evil witch” (Linda Christian) at night while trying to sleep. She eventually tells him to pick up a doll of her and bring it to her, bringing him into a world of voodoo, where the members of the occult worship “Gamba: The Devil God of Evil”. Obviously based on the above description you know to expect a fair bit of silly dialogue throughout this 1962 movie.


The setting of the voodoo rituals, the basement of a doll shop, is pretty Ed Wood with obviously flimsy blades and what one would assume is “natives” dancing and playing drums. Alda is pretty bad here, as is Ariadna Welter as his fiancée Donna, but the rest of the cast is actually fairly solid (especially Jeanne Carmen in a bit part in what would be her final film for over forty years), and the story isn’t too bad. Coming in at 71 minutes it does not carry on too terribly long, though I believe this would have been more suited as a Twilight Zone episode than a feature length film. I enjoyed it, though it is not a great movie by any stretch.

On A Scale Of One To Ten: 5

The Devil's Hand Movie Trailer

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