Monday, February 1, 2010


Nightmare In Wax Movie Review

One thing you notice as a fan of horror is that often when a horror movie is a success, there soon comes direct to video movies that basically rip off the successful horror movie with just enough difference to, I don’t know, not get them sued I guess. Most are bad with a very few select exceptions (Lost Voyage, an ode to Ghost Ship is an example). I thought this was a fairly new thing--Nightmare In Wax, a 1969 rip off of the 1953 Vincent Price classic House of Wax (which itself was a remake of another film, Mystery of the Wax Museum) proved me wrong. This is just an awful movie that I won’t bother to even talk about much. A scarred wax museum operator paralyzes people with an injection and turns them into living wax figures. The word boring isn't even strong enough to describe this snooze fest. There is one, ONE, enjoyable scene in the movie, a surreal club scene where women “dance” in strange rhythms to a pretty decent song by a band named The T-Bones. Truly the only other enjoyment I got out of this movie was watching the “paralyzed” wax figures blink and move. These two things save this movie from receiving my first score of a 1. Skip it (unless you have tried everything else to get to sleep).

On A Scale Of One To Ten: 2

The One Decent Scene--You're welcome

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