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Death Of A Ghost Hunter Movie Review

Ghost hunter Carter Simms (Patti Tindall) is hired to check out a house that saw the massacre of an entire family in 1982 and may now be haunted. She is joined by a writer (Davina Joy), a cameraman (Mike Marsh, also the co-writer of the film) and a young Christian woman (Lindsay Page). Simms is killed while investigating the strange sounds and visions in this house (this is not a spoiler. If the title does not give it away you learn in the first few minutes that she dies conducting the investigation). This is a low budget film that has a ton of potential story wise.

A lot of it looks like this

What really drags this movie down is the poor acting, especially that of Davina Joy. Marsh is almost as bad and Page, who has a good, naturally creepy look that lends itself well to this role, is awful. Tindall is the only half decent actor in the movie…that, or the rest are so bad it makes her look better than she is. Interestingly, this movie pokes fun at The Blair Witch Project more than once, yet steals quite a bit from it. These things can be overlooked for the most part (except Joy) because the story is a pretty good one and the scenes are well shot, especially for the budget. The ending is pretty good, if not predictable and a bit too long. The main problem with this movie is a HUGE one in that the audio is terrible. It goes from a whisper-like silence to practically screaming levels and back constantly. This is a real bother if you, as I did, watch it online and don’t have a remote to control the volume. It is so bad that during several conversations one person would be too quite while the other one (usually Joy) is way too loud. It’s not that one is whispering and the other shouting. They are both talking at a normal level. Given a decent edit on the sound and better actors, this one could have been a gem. As it is, it’s just average.

On A Scale Of One To Ten: 5

Death Of A Ghost Hunter Movie Trailer

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