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Martyrs Movie Review

Lucie, a young girl who has been captured and tortured, escapes one day and is taken to a home, where she befriends another young girl named Anna. 15 years later, Lucie, who has been haunted by ghostly visions, goes back to the home of the people who tortured her to seek revenge. Once there she calls Anna to come and help her. What they find at the house though is a lot more than they bargained for. That is just scratching the surface of this 2008 French horror film. I would like to say more about the plot but to do so would be spoiling it. This is a truly dark, disturbing sort of movie that gives very little, if any, hope at all. The scenes of violence and torture are very extreme here, giving it ratings all over the world equivalent to an NC-17 here in the states.

One of the tamer photos out there

Some of the scenes are so brutal they are hard to watch. This is not the stuff that makes this movie so good (though it certainly doesn’t hurt). The story and the twists and turns are what really make this film, with an ending that is quite good. The movie is a nice blend of psychological thriller, gore and Asian horror. It’s really hard to recommend this movie to the general public because most people will not like it at all. It was a very well made movie though, the acting was pretty good and it certainly leaves an impression. It is a hard, if not impossible, movie to enjoy but I did like it for what it was…. if that makes sense.

On A Scale Of One To Ten: 8

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