Wednesday, January 27, 2010


Blood of Dracula's Castle Movie Review

This film comes from a collection known as Gore House Greats, 12 movies on 4 discs purchased for five dollars--In other words, a bunch of B movies for really cheap. I will be reviewing them in the coming days. First up is Blood Of Dracula’s Castle, a 1969 film.

A young couple inherits a castle, but when they go to move in they find it houses Dracula, his bride, their butler (John Carradine), a deformed, retarded giant, and a random killer with some captured women in the basement who serve as food for the vampires. They also need to make a virgin sacrifice to a God named Luna. Needless to say, the dialogue in this movie is dreadful and the acting is almost as bad. The action scenes are laughable. Alexander D’Arcy makes possibly the worst vampire I have ever seen.

I'm scary...really

Somehow I managed to enjoy this movie though. A big reason for this is because the movie was not remastered. It looks like it was transferred from the reel directly to the DVD (maybe it was?) so you get the feeling you would have had watching it in the theatre with all the pops, buzzes, vertical lines and cigarette burns. I really liked the music in the film and the settings outside the castle (a carnival, Oceanside, et cetera). The first 30-45 minutes of the movie are fairly decent and it falls apart after that. I give a very mild recommendation for this film, as long as you understand what you are getting into before you watch it. These old films are not for most.

On A Scale Of One To Ten: 5

Blood Of Dracula's Castle (Basically the entire movie told in about 4 minutes)


  1. i saw this at a drive-in when i was in about the second grade (1969 - 1970 school year). i loved it. lol. my friends and i used to re-enact this film on the playground at recess in third grade. around this same time my friends and i in the neighborhood also would re-enact this film while playing outdoors. i saw it again on a local cable channel back in the 80's. i could not believe that my childhood favorite was oh so very b-a-d. i was watching this on veoh just tonight. one hour into it the movie froze up. i did everything i could to correct the situation. finally i went back to their home page...there was No listing of this film! when i could not get it to start back up + could not find it listed i left the site. i did a google search for it's link. my google search provided the link to the movie on veoh. when i returned there according to veoh it is no longer available on their site.

  2. Hey, thanks for sharing your story. That's awesome!