Wednesday, January 27, 2010


Blood Mania Movie Review

Before I get to the movie itself I should mention that the scene going on during the opening credits and the Blood Mania graphic at the start are fantastic.

Victoria (Maria De Aragon) has had a crush on Dr. Craig Cooper (Peter Carpenter) for quite some time. When he tells her he needs $50,000 to pay off a blackmailer, she kills her father to get his inheritance. That plans backfires as he leaves his fortune to Victoria’s younger sister Gail (Vicki Peters). Tying up scenes between all this is a bunch of sex scenes with Victoria, Gail and Cooper’s wife Cheryl (Reagan Wilson), all topless throughout--this 1970 film should have called it Boobs Mania instead of Blood Mania.

Lots of this

This is a pretty boring movie that moves at a very slow pace. Carpenter is an awful actor and for all the three women have in beauty (especially Wilson) they are certainly lacking in acting ability (especially Peters). Not that this is a terrible movie--there’s just not a lot going on. There is pretty entertaining/weird music throughout and the ONLY scene with blood (almost at the end of the film) is shot very well with spastic music and camera movements. It is a lot to sit through for the one cool scene though. Skip it.

On A Scale Of One To Ten: 4

Blood Mania Movie Trailer

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