Friday, January 22, 2010


 Blackout Movie Review

Three strangers are trapped in an elevator for hours. During this time we see why it is so important that they get out as we get flashbacks of the events leading to them being in the elevator. Claudia (Amber Tamblyn, Joan of Arcadia, The Grudge 2) is a college student whose grandmother is dying in the hospital. Karl (Irish actor Aidan Gillen) is a doctor trying to get home before his daughter comes for visitation. And Tommy (Armie Hammer—honestly, that’s his name) is a hood with plans to run away with his girlfriend Francesca (Katie Stuart).


Given all this, the movie had potential; however, it failed miserably to deliver. The first thing you would think with such a situation is that they would play on at least one characters fear of confined spaces--that didn’t happen. They try to build suspense around the characters to make us guess who the inevitable killer will be, but the payoff on this is WAY too predictable. The shooting of scenes of the elevator shaft seems a direct rip-off of Saw style directing. And the building seems thousands of feet tall when we see shots inside the shaft, but outside shots show it much smaller. One of the few bright spots here is Tamblyn, a pretty talented actress who plays this part well. And oddly, the character you end up caring the most about may be Tommy’s girlfriend Francesca, a character that is not in it much at all. Mark Boone Junior (30 Days Of Night, Memento, tons of other cool movies) makes a very brief appearance as Francesca’s abusive father, so that's a plus. The tension inside the elevator is weak, Gillen is awful in this role, the dialogue is sub par, and the thrills are very few. As I said, the movie had tons of potential, but sadly it did not live up to it.

On A Scale Of One To Ten: 5

Blackout Movie Trailer (In English)

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