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Tokyo Gore Police Movie Review

Ruka (Eihi Shiina of Audition fame) is a Samurai sword-swinging member of the now privatized Tokyo police force. Her specialty is killing mutant humans, known as “engineers”, while on a mission to avenge her father’s assassination. I’m really not sure I have the words for this movie--picture a live action Anime movie crossed with over the top blood and gore from Dead Alive with a political statement to boot. There are lots of be-headings, odd mutant weapons, gore, blood, humor, and some of the most bizarre moments ever in a movie.

Like this

For the most part the gore in this is not the make you sick to your stomach type like in Hostel type movies--this is more comedic (for the most part) and ridiculous (in a good way). I actually liked this movie quite a bit more than I thought I would. Shiina is wonderful in the movie, and the public service announcement/commercials thrown in throughout are pretty funny.

Kill, kill, kill!

The one thing that brought it down for me was the mutant that was made during the club scene. If you cut out the 10 minutes or so surrounding that character this movie would be ranked a point higher. This movie is far from a masterpiece but it is fun and so outlandish and, though most probably would not like it, I can’t help but recommend it. An extra scene in the credits promises there is more Gore to come--can’t wait!

On A Scale Of One To Ten: 7

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