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Cannibal Holocaust Movie Review

This is one of the most controversial films of all time, banned in many countries, and the director, Italian Ruggero Deodato, was actually arrested and charged with murder in Italy when this film came out (1980), having to produce proof that the actors were alive. So, given all this, I of course had to watch it, and having seen it, I can't help but wonder one thing...why? It is pretty standard grindhouse stuff. What probably separates this film is that some of the gruesome effects are actually quite good for it's time, in particular the infamous impalement scene.


That's really about the only good thing I can say about this movie though. Poor acting, poor dialogue, lots of fast forwarding. Also quite disturbing is that several animals are actually killed in this movie, which I thankfully knew before hand--I could see the scenes coming, so I was able to fast forward through them.

The plot is a group of four documentary film makers go into the Amazon to document rival tribes. When they don’t return, a group of military people and a professor go in to search for them and find their remains along with the film they had shot. This is about the first half of the movie. The second half is the professor showing the film to a group to decide if it should be made into a film. Other than extreme gore there’s not much to see in this film. If you have a weak stomach avoid this one. If you are a fan of gore or grindhouse this is kind of a must see if just for the historical significance.

On A Scale Of One To Ten: 3

Cannibal Holocaust Movie Trailer

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